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How to Create The Best Party Drinks With Ice Cream and Liqueur In 4 Simple Steps

So you are hosting a party at your house, and you are looking for new and fresh ideas to surprise your friends... we've got you covered. Just choose your favorite Quore Gelato flavors, and start the party. CHEERS!

Step #1 - Grab 4 scoops of you fav Quore Ice Cream

Tip #2 - 40 seconds on the microwave

Tip #3 - 15 seconds on the blender

Tip #4 - Serve and enjoy!

Let us know if you try this cool recipe and which were the flavors you choose. We know you will love this idea. You are welcome! :)

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Romina Troncoso
Romina Troncoso
Oct 18, 2022

El helado de pistacho y vodka logran una fusión increíble y espléndida en el paladar.

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